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Brazil Team

What is it?

It is the brand of the Brazilian team in the Olympic, Youth, Pan American, South American and Portuguese Speaking Countries Games.
In this type of competition, when the missions are organized by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), there is no sport that stands out more than the other. All come together to be part of the same team, Brazil’s team.
The brand follows the objective of turning Brazil into an Olympic power, starting with COB’s leadership in the preparation of athletes and teams, in the creation of idols and in the increase of value related awareness in the country.
Created in 2008, the Brazil’s team brand remits to an athlete or a supporter wearing a green and yellow flag. The star shows the shine, the strength and backbone of the athlete, as well as the Brazilian supporter.

Training Centre

Brazil's Team Training Centre, space that houses the Maria Lenk Aquatic Park and the Velodrome, is a milestone in Brazilian sport.  Find out more about these venues that help high performance athletes in the country to improve their results.

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